Envirosafe28 – Envirofacilities UK Partnership

Envirosafe28 has formed a partnership with Envirofacilities UK to expand and enhance the portfolio of services that both companies can offer.

Envirofacilities UK Ltd is an experienced Norwich based facilities management company providing a vast range of support services to organisations nationwide.

This partnership now means that the range of services offered include:

  • All cleaning services from light to deep cleaning of premises
  • Specialist cleaning services (graffiti removal, fogging, antimicrobial sanitising treatments)
  • COViD and pathogen protection
  • Window cleaning
  • Non-slip flooring treatments and testing
  • Mechanical and electrical testing
  • Security services

We are very excited about this new partnership and the fact that we can ensure our clients operate in a clean and safe environment. It means that we will be able to provide our growing, satisfied client list with a comprehensive range of services that will give them peace of mind, instil confidence in the mind’s eye of their own customers that they convey professionalism, have the where-with-all to look after them and take pride in their own appearance.

If you would like to know more about the services being offered please get in touch with Envirosafe28 or EnvirofacilitiesUK 

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