Enviro-Safe28 becomes Nordic Chem Regional Partner

Enviro-Safe28 is delighted to announce that they have become a Nordic Chem Regional Partner. 

Enviro-Safe28 has been carrying out rapid response services to businesses throughout the UK, following Covid-19 virus outbreaks. In addition, they have supported businesses with its antimicrobial surface treatment, safely terminating harmful pathogens, including the human coronavirus for up to 30 days.

Nordic Chem has recently launched 2.0, which is an advanced surface protection. In addition to the benefits of the earlier formula, 2.0 will also visually enhance and protect the colour and lustre of the treated surface. Nordic Chem 2.0 transforms any substrate into a more vibrant surface that feels cleaner to touch and smoother to feel, without changing the intended colour or texture.

The protective coating gives people peace of mind. Utilisation of this technology creates a healthier and more aesthetic appealing environment for you, your patients, clients, and patrons, without the use of harmful chemicals. Treatment of porous and non-porous surfaces will inhibit germs, viruses, and odour causing bacteria from plaguing your facility with germs and odours. This shows you care and can lead to more business!

“We are delighted to become a Nordic Chem Regional Partner” said Kevin Hannant, Director at Enviro-Safe28. “We have worked with Nordic Chem for many months and have experienced excellent results and customer service. The benefits and results from using the new surface protection are outstanding. In addition to the standard long-term antimicrobial coating designed to inhibit the growth of microorganisms, Nordic Chem 2.0 also rejuvenates surfaces that are treated, bringing a whole new appealing aesthetic look, enhancing the appearance and giving new lustre to the surface treated and great for upholstery to protect and prolong life.”

Customers, employees and anyone that comes into contact with a treated surface will surely notice the enhanced effect and come to understand what a clean and hygienic surface should look and feel like.

To discuss your requirements and how the Nordic Chem Antimicrobial Coating can help with keeping a safe working or home environment please contact us at Enviro-Safe28 today and we will be happy to help.

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